Can you group your credits online?

The grouping of credits is a banking operation, making it possible to redeem outstanding loans to review the conditions of repayment, in most cases, the motivations of the borrowers is to reduce their monthly payments.

Consolidate your credits on the internet: Utopia or reality?

Consolidate your credits on the internet: Utopia or reality?

The grouping of loans is a banking operation, involving resorting to a financial organization and examining a financing file. These steps require going through an advisor, who will take care of these steps and return a loan offer.

Simply, faced with the dematerialization of banking services and the emergence of online products (online banking: see this article, credit on the internet), can we also use the grouping of credits from home, via a simple connection to Internet? The answer is yes.

This practice is not new on this market, it is precisely one of the precursors. Contrary to popular belief, you can make a request from your sofa and follow the entire operation with a simple smartphone. The sites are now compatible for mobiles and the debt repurchase organizations no longer skimp on the means provided to households to carry out their procedures.

Some examples of online services

Some examples of online services

The first essential tool is the online credit buyout simulator, this tool allows you to obtain a first estimate of reduced monthly payment, without having to sign up and having a simple 3G or wifi connection. Here is also an example of a simulator on the internet.

The customer area is essential for the sale of products online, it is a space which allows you to follow your orders, consult your invoices and other relevant information, the loan consolidation specialists have understood this and offer them also these online spaces, which allow you to receive offers, send documents or consult the status of your file.

Making an appointment is also a web tool that allows you to be reminded at any time, but especially at times when you are available. Difficult to follow a redemption of its credits during working hours or in the evening after a full day. It is possible to ask to be called back according to availability to take stock of a credit consolidation project.

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